Change your thoughts and you’ll change your beliefs. Change your beliefs and you’ll change your attitude. Change your attitude and you’ll change your actions. Change your actions and you’ll change your habits. Change your habits and you’ll change your character. Change your character and you’ll change your life. If you don’t like your life, go back and change your thoughts!

Heather Fields, President of NEXUS

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Nexus Education and Career Consulting offers a unique strategy to help Students choose a career and Adults change a career. Nexus uses various assessments to help clients determine their strengths, interests, preferences, values, and disposition. The information revealed in the assessments will be used to help the client determine personal priorities and set goals.

Heather Fields, PhD. is the executive consultant, and has been in the Education field for 28 years. She has taught students in kindergarten through college, has designed and written curriculum, and has consulted with various organizations on projects such as opening private schools, and accreditation. She has also worked with special needs students and conducted various educational assessments for placement and advancement. She has a passion for helping people discover the career that best suits their talents, skills, and interests; in other words, helping people find out where they fit.


We have assessments that have been scientifically validated and used around the world. We have a proprietary method that will help your child move from the anxiety of not knowing to the confidence of knowing what to do next.

Our assessments are designed to help the student identify their own unique strengths, weaknesses, preferences, personality, and values.  The assessment results are confidential, and you will be given a full report explaining how to use the information to launch you student into success. We will help guide your student through a process of understanding their uniqueness, and where their strengths and preferences will bring not only success, but also happiness.  Isn’t that what we all want? We want our children to find the place where their unique personality, skills, and values bring them happiness and success!  Our system helps you take the guess-work out of the process! 

We have packages for every individual situation and budget.